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Shown below are recent design and build projects that we have executed.  We do not show all of them but try to show some of the more complex and interesting.  This page will be updated intermittently. 

Project: Fully Automatic Weld Tooling for Indexing Positioner
Shipped: December, 2020
Two identical Tack Weld Fixtures allow the operator to load an assortment of components pieces that make-up a final weldment for a large piece of industrial equipment.  The fixturing then locates all components and clamps them together at proper spacing.  The fixture then indexes into a robotic cell where a welding robot tack welds the assembly together and moves clear.  Once clear another handling robot engages the tacked part and removes it from the fixture with a Jigless Welding End-of-Arm-Tool (EOAT).  The handling robot then positions the weldment for final weld-out while the welding robot completes all welds.  Once complete the handling robot loads the finished weldment onto an exit conveyor.  CMA provided design and build of both Tack Weld Fixtures and the Jigless Welding EOAT.

Project: Insert Load and Extract End-of-Arm-Tool for Injection Molding Machine (IMM)  
Shipped: February, 2019.
A robot uses this tool to insert a 4 or 5 foot diameter steel ring into an injection molding machine (IMM) and extracts a finished molding.  The dies are multiple stage so the robot also transfers parts between cavities.  The EOAT automatically job changes between different product sizes with no intervention from the operator.  CMA provided design and build of the EOAT.